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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Just wondering--would a roundabout work at the Highways 9 & 52 intersection?"

Posted: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 9:18 AM
By reader Keith Johnson e-mails: "Just wondering--would a roundabout work at the Highways 9 & 52 intersection?  (See
Mr. Answer Person says, "There are really several questions here.  The first question is whether a roundabout could be built at Highway 9 and 52.  The answer is "Yes, it could."  There is enough space that the intersection could be switched over to a roundabout.
But the second questions is, "Will a roundabout be built at Highways 9 & 52?"  The answer to this question is, "Probably not."  That's because roundabouts are typically installed to replace what are considered "problem" intersections.  Take, for instance, the intersection of Heivly Drive, River Street and Claiborne Drive, near the Decorah Post Office and Decorah City Hall.  City planners have discussed a roundabout there, to reduce the confusion of a place where there's a lot of traffic coming from a lot of different directions.  That discussion has been shelved temporarily because other road projects have taken priority, but it could be the first place for a roundabout in Decorah.

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