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Paul Scott comment: "Phil Richert, Rick Valley deserve our thanks"

Posted: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 9:11 AM

by's Paul Scott:

I think the world of anyone who volunteers to serve on a local governmental board.  Their service requires long hours with little to no monetary rewards.  They do it simply out of a desire to make their community a better community.

And of all the volunteer jobs in local government, serving on a school board requires the biggest commitment.  I can remember seeing local school board members (in the days before laptop and tablet computers) lugging huge binders of information to their meetings--all about issues they were expected to understand.

It's also no secret that school board members can feel the heat from the public--especially when they take an unpopular stand because they feel that's in the best interest of their schools.  It has to be frustrating, too, that there's little public input on a big school budget, but plenty of input if a program is cut because of budget problems.

So this is my plea to the public to thank Phil Richert and Rick Valley for their service on local school boards.  Phil served 16 years on the North Winn School Board, while Rick served 7 years on the Decorah School Board.

I haven't been at many of the same school board meetings that they attended, but I've been at enough to know they served with high levels of commitment to their local schools.  Here's a tip of the hat to jobs well done.  Happy (school board) retirement!

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