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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Where is the Freeport Trail going to go?"

Posted: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 9:09 AM

Bob e-mails: "That was a good $1.6 million grant that the Trails From Freeport group got.  But I'm wondering--what part of it is for the bike trail and what part is for improving the roads?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "The grant was announced as paying for 2.4 miles of bike trail and 2.5 miles of road work.  But they're not the same miles.

The Freeport extension of the Trout Run Trail will go from the end of the bike trail behind Gundersen Decorah Clinic, near Walmart, behind Walmart back to Old Stage Road, down Old Stage Road to River Road, leaving River Road to go past the Freeport Park, then rejoining River Road and going to the Haugen Hummel subdivision.

Road work on River Road will start at Moellers Drive (next to Rockwell Collins), turn right at the stop sign, head through Freeport and go all the way out to the first bridge.

A map of the project is posted above.  You can click on the map for a larger image and see how the grant will help pay for improvements all the way from Walmart to the first bridge on River Road.

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