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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Will Pole Line Road be paved?"

Posted: Sun, Sep 8, 2013 12:21 PM

Ellen e-mails Mr. Answer Person: "Dear Answer Person: I have three related questions related to Pole Road, specifically the section a few miles NE of Decorah that ends at Hwy 63 just east of Cresco.
1.  Who is responsible for maintenance on this section of road?
2.  Is that section of road scheduled for repair?
3.  Why is travel permitted on this section of road? 
I had the fortune (or misfortune) of driving this section of road this past weekend.  Had it not been a downpour, I would have stopped to take pictures.  The road is pocked with major potholes in both lanes for several miles, and in this driver's opinion, is a major accident/lawsuit waiting to happen.  How bad does a road have to be before it's posted as "closed?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "I gassed up the Answermobile to drive out for a look myself.  While Pole Line Road between County W-14 and Happy Hollow Road is full of asphalt patches, I did not find any potholes and the road, while in bad condition, certainly wasn't bad enough to be closed to traffic.

None of this matters, however, because Winneshiek County plans to resurface that portion of Pole Line Road next year.  Winneshiek County has already repaved Pole Line Road from the Bluffton Road west to Happy Hollow Road and from W-14 to Highway 9.  When next year's work is finished, all of Pole Line Road will be in new condition.

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