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A response to Peter Jorgensen's comment about promoting Decorah's ancient meteor strike

Posted: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 8:03 PM

Winneshiek County Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Brenda Luzum has written a response to Peter Jorgensen about his idea to promote Decorah as the location of a long-ago meteor strike (see the article at  She has also e-mailed with her response:

"I wanted to let you know interpretive signage has been talked about but for now interpretive signs part of a "second phase" round of signs. Other ideas that have come up include signs to note handicapped fishing locations, trout fishing parking, eagles nest info etc.

Right now there is a group of people working on first phase - directional signage that includes more basic things like parking, restrooms, drinking fountains, rest stops, information/maps, and the downtown district (to encourage trail users to spend their money.)

As you might imagine, money is always a factor. Signs, sign posts, hardware and labor to install; it all adds up. In addition there have been concerns brought up including "sign pollution" by posting too many signs along the trail. Our committee is also planning to utilize QR Codes which would relay interesting information to smartphone users and would cost just a few bucks to produce. Those codes will most likely be placed on existing signs to save on costs and sign pollution.

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