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Letter to the Editor: Celebrate the Turkey Vulture!

Posted: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 7:59 PM

Susan Jacobsen of Decorah e-mails this Letter to the Editor:

I agree whole heartedly with Peter Jorgensen. We need to publicize the fact Decorah sits in an ancient meteor carter. Marking the perimeter is one way. Where is the center of the carter? Perhaps that also could be marked.
Also, some people might not agree with my next suggestion, but I would like to see the turkey vultures added to the list of things we use to promote Decorah. Yes, they are very objectionable when they roost on a tower right next to your backyard, but they are a fascinating bird. I always stop and watch in awe as a group of vultures are soaring on the thermals above Decorah.

(Editor's note: Raptor Resource, Inc., which operates the Decorah bald eagle webcam, also operates a Turkey Vulture webcam in Missouri, so there's already a Decorah tie-in)

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