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Letter to the Editor: Thanks for the program on wolves

Posted: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 7:57 PM

Ellen Drewes-Stoen of Decorah e-mails this Letter to the Editor:

I wish to applaud Winneshiek County Conservation Board and the Pella Wildlife Company for presenting the informative programs, "Wolves in Iowa."  The objectives for these programs myths, species identification, biodiversity, ecotourism, etc.) are all extremely important as well as informative.  Upon seeing the photo of Keona, the gray wolf ambassador and his/her "handler," I feel compelled to add one more item for public information.  

As a professional dog trainer,  bringing attention to the wolf species and conservation brings about an important canine-related issue.  Please do not see Keona and think that one way to preserve this majestic species is to support and encourage wolf-hybrid breeders.  These unethical breeders are breeding wolves to Alaskan malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and German Shepherds (among other dog breeds).  The result is a wolf-hybrid that the breeder advertises as being domesticated and possessing marvelous temperaments.   The wolf-hybrid is NOT a dog; it is an animal and in no way should be considered as a companion for humans.  I hope that this message is echoed in these programs, as well as future programs. 

I am confident that the U. S. Animal Welfare Act and its mission does not support what the wolf-hybrid "backyard" breeders are doing.  The sooner the public can become informed of the unethical practices surrounding breeders of the wolf-hybrid, the greater the support will be for the preservation of the wolf species.  And, we can let companion dogs be just that, wonderful companions for their humans.

To the members of the Winneshiek County Conservation Board:  thanks for your support of these programs and creating public awareness surrounding the wolf species, and conservation, in general.

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