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Letter to the Editor: Ideas to highlight the Decorah crater

Posted: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 7:48 PM

Peter Jorgensen of Decorah has e-mailed the following Letter to the Editor:

"I was talking with my friend Jeff at the gas station about a thought I had (maybe not the first?) regarding the recent discovery of a 3 mile diameter meteor crater underlying Decorah and how Decorah might highlight this unusual fact.  He thought my idea was a good one and he suggested I write a letter to the media and see what other folks interested in Decorah tourism (citizens, Chamber, Betterment, Council, etc.) might think. 

Looking at the recently published maps of the perimeter of the crater it's obvious that it intersects streets and roads and the Trout Run Trail (in at least two places).  The simple idea is to put interpretive signage at the rim at the most used foot traffic intersect or opportunity to pull off the roadway. I am thinking of the beautiful sign at the west end of Fifth Avenue bridge that interprets the Upper Iowa watershed and its flora and fauna.  Obviously, locations outside Decorah city limits would involve county or state officials.  One could include a map to the sign's locations so that tourists interested in earth science could "visit the rim."

Decorah is getting a lot of press currently (just Google Decorah meteor crater!) and will get more in six months when the final report is published.  For some, it's another highlight for Decorah to showcase along with our trail, the eagles, Vesterheim and more."

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