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Kevin Lee of Decorah has e-mailed a Letter to the Editor about racing noise:

Posted: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 7:38 PM

The grand stands and oval track are very "old" and unsafe. They need to be torn down. To build new will cost the tax payer millions to replace. There is a lot of good steel that could be recycled. Give the recycling center a boost. Just as many who promote the demolition of historic sites, as the Fair Grounds is, for reasons being economically insufficient I would say the Nordic Speedway is just that as it is so antiquated in the operations and use of energy. It also violated the noise ordinances of Decorah loud and clear and very hard on the community environment. It is a very "unsound" business that imposes a great deal upon the neighbors for the fun entertainment of a few. If the few need to continue the fun it should be a "country sport" outside if population density as ordinances will allow.

Possible alternative (is to race hybrid cars).  If one does not believe that hybrid cars can be used to race and real fast too please visit hybrid race car is here and competitive. So get with it.

Beyond the noise issue to the community is the carbon problem with racing conventional stock cars. I feel comfortable that the racing industry is changing to a greener sport with demands from fans to cut down on emissions and fuel usage. But not at Nordic Speedway. Put the thinking cap on and be innovative.

I, personally have a long way to go to curtail emissions and fuel usage but I try. Possibly the Nordic Speedway will try and community members that are not racing fans will compromise with a positive effort from the racers.

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