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Letter to the editor: Another issue to consider about race track noise

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2013 2:10 PM

Darrel Jensen of Decorah has e-mailed the following Letter to the Editor:
"It seems the majority of complaints about stock car racing are noise related.  While the noise is disturbing, even for people living on the west side of town, the noise does not seem to be the only issue with stock car racing.  At a time when gas prices are hovering around $4.00 a gallon with not too much sign of relief, I wonder if the fair board and supporters of racing ever think of their friends, neighbors, and relatives who are having a hard time paying for their gas to drive back and forth to work.  Sure the races here account for very little fuel and oil use but when you add it to all the other races and all the other wasteful uses of our two and four wheel friends, it contributes to massive unnecessary waste and the addition of carbon to a very fragile world.  The number of people driving to work is quickly coming to an end.
The city and the fair board should seriously consider all the issues concerning stock car racing.  There has to be more environmentally friendly quiet events that could be held on Saturdays at the fairgrounds. It would solve a lot of problems and also keep more gas money in the pockets.  
By the way:  As I remember, racing here originally started in the early 1960s but quickly came to an end for quite a few years as a result of lack of interest because of a couple of very serious permanent injuries."

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