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Letter to the Editor: "Different strokes for different people" about the race track

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2013 2:08 PM

Susan Jacobsen of Decorah e-mails this Letter to the Editor:

"Regarding the last letter to the editor, Kelsey there were stock car races at the Decorah fairgrounds when I was in high school. I graduated in 1963! That means there is a 50+ year history of stock car racing in Decorah.
My attitude towards stock car racing is - "DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE!" In other words, different people enjoy different recreational activities and if I want people to respect the activities I enjoy, I have to respect their choice of activities.
Although I sometimes wonder if the people who attend the stock car races ever think about what it doing to their hearing! It is a scientifically recognized fact that repeated exposure to loud noise damages one's hearing. It may not be readily apparent, but over time one's hearing is impacted.
I worked with the elderly for many years. While I have been writing this article, two of the most profoundly hard-of-hearing individuals I ever met came to mind. Both had repeated loud noise in their backgrounds. One was a woman who played the pipe organ in her church for years. The other was a man who worked at Amundson's for many years when they had the old printing presses that make a lot of noise."

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