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Another Letter to the Editor about Upper Iowa Speedway races

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2013 2:02 PM

Dwight Jones of Waukon has e-mailed this Letter to the Editor about the Decorah races:
Ah, yet more turmoil regarding noise issues and the Decorah racetrack.  Like Haley's Comet, these discussions roll around every now and then, so I thought I'd add my input because that's what I do.
My guess is that there is no one who has purchased a house in Decorah that didn't know there was a racetrack there.  If you did, however, purchase a house without knowing, shame on you.  Do your research.
Racecars make noise.  They also generate substantial revenue for your town.  Ask the local auto parts stores if they appreciate having a local racetrack.  Drive through town two hours before or two hours after the races and you'll see lots of trucks and cars fueling up at local convenience stores that either competed at or attended the races.  Ask the restaurant owners if they appreciate having the extra people in town who come to their business to meet with friends and family for a nice meal before heading to the races.  
Outside of the entertainment value it brings to those that enjoy the races, the list of other businesses that benefit from having Upper Iowa Speedway in Decorah is long.  Summer is short. 

If I lived in Decorah, I'd be appreciative for the business and entertainment that UIS brings to the table.  We could find annoyances that almost every business brings, but at the same time, where would you be without them?

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