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Another Letter to the Editor about Upper Iowa Speedway races

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2013 2:00 PM

Kelsey Krall of Decorah has e-mailed the following Letter to the Editor about Decorah's races:

I'm a little late into the Nordic Speedway Debate. But here's my input anyway.

If we are going to start a complaint about the races, that have been happening for over 23 years by the way, it is important to view everything else that could be considered a 'noise violation'.

So here is a list, of things that should also go, if the races have to go.

1. Nordic Fest: Now, there is something loud.  Drunk people singing at the top of their lungs.  Bands playing at late hours of the night.  And then! The people that work nights, and try to sleep during the day! Ugh, loud crowds all day.  Such inconsiderate people!

2. Driving past 10 PM: Now, there's one I bet you didn't think of.  Some cars are just way to loud, and I just can't sleep at night. :(

3. Wedding dances: If you live next to places that regularly hold wedding dances, those DJs are awfully loud. 

4. The Fair: The rides, and the bands, and the animals.  Just way too loud all day and night. Plus the traffic!

5. Campgrounds: As previously mentioned in another letter someone wrote, they bring in too many loud people.  Plus the fires smell. 

There are many other loud events that should probably go as well.  And some may read these sarcastically, but that's up to you.  Personally, after 23 years, don't you think it's a little immature to be having this debate?  It happens the same time, every year.  It brings in revenue, and helps put Decorah on the map.  So I really don't see the problem.  If you are going to complain about noise, sleep with noise cancelling headphones on Saturday nights.  Or, better yet, go out and watch the races!!

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