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Letter to the Editor: "We all give up something by living in town"

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2013 1:59 PM

Tyler Rinken of Decorah e-mails this Letter to the Editor:

I, like most racing fans in the NE Iowa, enjoy going to the races every Saturday night.  Matter of fact, I look forward to them every Saturday night...there is no other place I would rather be on a Saturday night than at the racetrack.  Yes the race cars are loud, but sometimes the fans' cheers and chants are even louder.  Believe it or not, the races bring in many people from the surrounding area. Race fans come from Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Drivers from different areas as well. Towns as far as three to four hours away.  Therefore, don't even think that the races do not do anything for Decorah, because they most certainly do: income and tourism.

During many summer nights, I love to leave my windows open. However, I live close the Pulpit Rock campground and the smell of campfires drifts into my home. You know what, this is bugging me. Even though I know people enjoy camping at Pulpit Rock, I cannot seem to get the smell of campfire out of my house. Maybe they should not have campfires past 9PM at night?

I also live next to the river. You know what bothers me? Loud people when they are tubing, canoing or kayaking along the river.  Maybe we should not allow people on the river anymore?  Sometimes these people cut through my yard on their way to back to their cars.  Believe it or not, Pulpit Rock, the river and the races are too very similar because they all bring in tourists and are sources of income for Decorah. 

I think it is safe to say that we all give up a little of something by living in town.  Maybe it is dealing with college students, people enjoying the river or the campground, or people enjoying the races.  The races last roughly four hours each Saturday night. That is four hours where roughly 900-1,100 people, which includes the drivers and their pit crews, fans, and track workers, are enjoying something they love to watch and do. The races have been and will continue to be essential part of a thriving Decorah community.

Oh yeah, all the beer sales go directly to the Winneshiek County Fair Board. I assume the fair "bothers" people too--loud noises, rowdy kids, smelly barn animals. But as far as I'm concern race fans love beer, so don't even think once that the races don't do anything for the community..because they have done more for the community than one can imagine.

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