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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Is summer use of school computers possible?

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2013 1:53 PM

One of our readers asked about the summer use of school computers, noting the sometimes limited access and availability at the Decorah Library and no programming at the Senior Center.  "Those computers (at the school) must sit, unused, all summer while school age kids often monopolize the computers at the library as they play games.   Would it be possible to utilize some of those at the school for that on a certain schedule?  I know it would require a person to monitor the situation, but could it be done with volunteers?"  The reader was also hoping for the potential of classes being offered regarding computer use.

Mr. Answer Person checked this out with School Superintendent Mike Haluska.  It is a great question, but complicated.

First, Superintendent Haluska noted that he has not been aware of any such requests in the past, and that such a request is legitimate. However, he noted some very big potential obstacles to such programming, including safe access to the computers in buildings that are under heavy maintenance schedules in the summer, the issues of computer programming and security, and work that may be ongoing in computer labs.

Any such potential programming would take a great deal of planning and coordination. Mr. Answer person would also note that while the computers being in use by students is obviously not an issue, the personnel who work on maintaining the technology are probably up to their ears in computer related work during the summer to make sure teachers and students maximize the available technology.

Ultimately any such ideas regarding public  use options during the summer should be directed to Decorah School District Technology Director Kurt DeVore.

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