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Ask Mr. Answer Person: A clearance!

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2013 1:45 PM

Mr. Answer Person has been busy lately, learning how to shoot and edit video.  So he hasn't done a very good job of keeping up with the e-mails in the in-box.  Today he tries to atone:

Gert asks: "So what is going to be done with the old rose window from the North Building at Wellington Place? is it being saved or was it just removed to be scrapped?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "Yes, these e-mails are from actual people and are NOT made up!  The timing of the question is pretty amazing, however, since Mr. A.P. got to see the old rose window, which is now at the Winneshiek County Recycling Department.  The window will be saved, but county officials are trying to figure out how and where.  In the meantime, here's a picture of the window.

Craig e-mails Mr. Answer Person: "Driving down College Drive, I constantly see trash littered all over the sidewalk and College Drive lawns.  Most of the trash appears to be Whippy Dip remainders.  The trash cans at Whippy Dip are hidden in the back, and the trash cans on College Drive are both small and scarce.  What measures are being taken by Whippy Dip owners and employees to reduce the amount of waste improperly disposed into taxpayers' lawns?

Mr. Answer Person says:  "Your e-mail prompted constant research at the Whippy Dip.  Every day.  Every night.  Thank you!

Mr. Answer Person did not notice trash.  He did notice two trash cans, one on each side of the Whippy Dip building.  (Notice the photo)  He also confirmed that Whippy Dip owners and employees clean the parking lot area on a daily basis.

If customers are littering sidewalks and lawns further away from the Whippy Dip, isn't that the fault of the CUSTOMERS?  I'm just sayin' someone is causing littering (if it exists)—and I'm not sure you're looking on the right side of the counter."

Sue e-mails: "Any idea what is going on at the Christopher & Banks Store in Decorah?  I stopped there yesterday - windows have paper over them and a sign on the door saying they are "Sorry for the Inconvenience" and they are closed.  However...I could see there were still clothes in the store and looked like it was being painted, etc?  Do you know if they are remodeling and will reopen and if so, when?

Mr. Answer Person says: "We couldn't reach Christoper & Banks for a comment, but the financial news media has carried several news stories about the merchandising challenges the company is facing and the store closures in other communities.  The company's board of directors fired its chief executive last year and appointed a new chief executive.

It appears, however, that the closing was just for remodeling.  The store in Decorah has now reopened for business.

Emily e-mails: Do you know if the paint for the lines and center lane will be repainted again on Short Street?  It seems the middle lane isn't being used as it was intended for (turning traffic) and often drivers seem confused as to where the lanes are."

Mr. Answer Person says: "Yes, the lines will be repainted on Short Street.  But this might not happen for another two or three weeks.  That's because this spring's weird weather has had an effect on the Decorah Street Department--it has delayed some of the tasks the Street Department normally has finished by now.

So the Street Department will get to the repainting--but no right away.  Be patient!

Mark e-mails: After all the uproar over the displaced turkey vultures, I saw about 40 of them circling over the Phelps Park area, this was just a few of them over the tower where they were evicted from last summer. Yes, these intelligent birds that exploited a man made cell tower to their benefit were smart enough to find a new landing place and appear to be alive and well. Can we all move on to another topic now?

Mr. Answer Person tried--unsuccessfully--to get a good picture of the turkey vultures, but he can confirm that they have returned to the Phelps Park area.

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