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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Why has a new sign been put out on Mechanic Street (at Vernon Street)?"

Posted: Mon, Mar 25, 2013 9:07 AM

Dawn e-mails: "There's a new sign on Mechanic Street about stop for pedestrian near crosswalk.  It seems to be confusing to everyone.  Some cars stop because of the stop sign symbol.  Some cars slow down.  Why is it there?  It looks like  an accident(s) waiting to happen."

The new sign has been put out to slow down traffic on Mechanic Street to improve the safety of young children who cress the street to get to Carrie Lee Elementary School (and of older kids who go to the Decorah Middle School, for that matter).

You are right when you say the sign "seems to be confusing to everyone."  But that's more a question of the drivers instead of the sign!  Here's the deal, folks: If you see a pedestrian trying to cross Mechanic Street, you have to come to a stop.  If you don't see a pedestrian, you don't have to stop—although it wouldn't be a bad idea to slow down, for goodness sake.

Come on, folks—we can do this!

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