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Letter to the Editor: Explaining how the Winneshiek County Historical Society works

Posted: Mon, Mar 11, 2013 8:50 AM

The Winneshiek County Historical Society Board of Directors has issued a Letter to the Editor that it says it hopes this will clear up some of the misconceptions regarding the "failure" of Winneshiek County Historical Society to support "historic" projects:

The Winneshiek County historic community is comprised of many different non-profit designated facets.  They are Winneshiek County Historic Preservation Commission,  Decorah Historic Preservation Commission, Fort Atkinson Preservation Commission, Winneshiek County Pioneer Cemetery Commission  (which are funded by city or county budgets) and Winneshiek County Historical Society. Through the years these organizations have been called upon to support different "historic" projects within the county with moral support, labor and/or monetary support.

The Winneshiek County Historical Society reviews each of these requests on an individual basis.  Criteria used in forming a response are three questions.  They are:
(1)    Who owns the site?
Only the owner of the site is able to make application for grant funding.
(2)    What is the "PLAN" for the site?
This plan needs to include a business plan and committed tenants.
(3)    Where is the funding, both immediate and future, coming from?
This needs to include estimates for renovation, staffing, lights, heat, etc.

If any of these questions cannot be answered, Winneshiek County Historical Society is unable to support the project.   This is a Winneshiek County Historical Society process; the above mentioned organizations each have their own process to deal with these requests.

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