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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Who is 'OHFA'?"

Posted: Tue, Mar 5, 2013 4:22 PM

Kevin e-mails: "Maybe it would be good to include who OHFA is.  It seems that everyone who is concerned with historic preservation or keeping vintage buildings standing are tagged as OHFA. It is not fair to the others."

Mr. Answer Person says: "Nor, maybe, to OHFA!  Oneota Historic Future Alliance was formed in 2004, following the East Side School debate.  It wanted to continue to push for the preservation of historic buildings.  Its officers are listed as Jim Burns, Kari Burns, Deborah Bishop and Larry Berland, all of Decorah.

The group became involved in the Caretaker's House at Wellington Place.  But an internal debate over the value of the building led to the formation of another group, the Caretakers Alliance, which then took over from OHFA the job of trying to save the Caretaker's House.

OHFA has NOT been active in the fight to save the North Building at Wellington Place--that has been the mission of a loosely organized group of citizens who have not formed an official organization.

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