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Letter to the Editor: Keep saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Posted: Tue, Mar 5, 2013 4:19 PM

Claire & Julie Askelson e-mail:

I would like to know how many schools, if any, Pledge to the Earth on a regular basis. We, as citizens, are all concerned about the Earth but we still have a commitment to our nation. If you can't Pledge to the Nation that you live in, maybe you should live somewhere else.

When you run for public office you make a commitment to the country to uphold the Republic and the democratic principles of our government. I support Mayor Arendt in standing his  ground on this issue. If our military would Pledge to the Earth instead of pledging to the Nation (Duty, Honor, Country), who would they protect? Pledge your Allegiance to the Flag!  God Bless America.

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