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Letter to the Editor: Tired of the group that wanted to save buildings at Wellington Place

Posted: Tue, Mar 5, 2013 4:17 PM

This Letter to the Editor was e-mailed by Claire & Julie Askelson:

Others and I are tired of the GROUP of people who wanted to save the Caretakers house and now the North Building.

This same group made a commitment to the county on the Caretakers House and did not fulfill that contract.  I would believe that you would hang your head a little low when you walk in and try to make the County Board feel guilty about making a responsible decision on behalf of the taxpayers of Winneshiek County.

Before you open your mouth why doesn't OHFA pay the county the balance of the contract (around  $10,000) that was supposedly committed?  If  saving these two buildings was such an important idea you should have had all kinds of financial and community support to pay the bill.

We need to support the fact that Wellington needs to stay in business as we all may need a safe and approved place in the future. More people need to voice their opinion about these issues instead of letting the minority speak for the majority (the squeaky wheel syndrome). Come on folks let our Government Leaders hear from you!

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