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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Has any other Iowa high school had as many as five state champs in one year?"

Posted: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 10:44 AM

Robert e-mailed Mr. Answer Person to ask whether any other Iowa high school besides Decorah has earned five state championships in one year.  Then Robert sent a second e-mail to Mr. Answer Person, saying Bud Legg from the Iowa High School Athletic Association had provided an answer!

"Decorah has a great run going with those five (state championships) in one calendar year.  Iowa City West in 2012 had six state championships (Wrestling Duals, Girls' Basketball, Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, Boys Track, Boys' Team Tennis)  For the school year [fall through summer], they also had a volleyball state championship, making their total seven.

That does not diminish Decorah's achievements one bit -- super job."

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