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Reader responds to political sign question

Posted: Wed, Nov 21, 2012 10:40 AM

On Tuesday, reader John asked a question about the time limits for removing political yard signs.  His question included a statement: "Sadly, those residents who drive Locust Road between College Drive and the city limits not only have to see one of the most scenic roadways in the area regularly littered with trash and beer cans, but for the last month have endured unsightly, giant political signs hanging from the picturesque bluffs."  That statement prompted this letter to the ditor from reader Shirley Vermace:

"The signs on the bluff on Locust Road were taken down six days after the election, completely within the time period set in the city ordinance.  If anonymous "John" is truly that concerned about Locust Road's beauty, he is more than welcome to help us keep it cleaned up by walking it and collecting all the garbage on a regular basis, it would be greatly appreciated!  One woman who lives on that stretch of road has kept those ditches clear of trash for over 30 years and can no longer do it because of recent health issues.  Our family does it every once in a while, but unfortunately, it needs picking up almost weekly as people use it for their trash bin on their way out of town.  John brings up a great point about the trash and beer cans that litter that area - we'd love to have John's help in keeping Locust Road beautiful!  We're all in this together!

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