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About those political ads: two more reader comments

Posted: Sat, Nov 03, 2012 9:43 AM

Harland Nelson's letter to the editor about Michael Breitbach's ad promising to cut down on welfare fraud--and highlighting buying a tank of water, then pouring out the water to get the $7.50 bottle deposit, has prompted two reader e-mails.

Donna Eberling writes:
"When I was a food stamp recipient I remember that when we purchased items like Mountain Dew and Pepsi, that have state deposits on them, the deposit was not paid for by food stamps.  The deposits were written off by the store, along with the sales tax, or absorbed by the store...I am not sure which.  How is this deposit issue really handled?  This could make an interesting story to put everybody's minds at ease over this issue and it could also clear up any misinformation that has been circulating about this issue."

Paul Hunter comments:
"Don't be fooled by Harland Nelson into thinking Iowa's Democrats aren't guilty of running misleading ads.  John Beard's latest radio ad claims that his Republican opponent, Michael Breitbach, would vote to privatize social security and make huge cuts to the Medicare program.  Last time I checked those are NATIONAL issues.  Scaring people into believing a State Senator could make decisions on these issues is deceitful and wrong."'s Paul Scott responds: posted a news story on Friday detailing the amount of money both the Iowa Republican Party and the Iowa Democratic Party have pumped into the race between Breitbach and Beard.  The political ads mentioned by Harland Nelson and Paul Hunter were prepared and paid for by the statewide Republican and Democratic parties.  That means both organizations probably knew that they were producing messages that could be described, even in the best light, as "misleading."  This is one more example of why so many voters are getting disgusted with both political parties: the leaders of those parties feel the best way for candidates to get elected is to trick the public and to play to their worst emotions.

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