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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Did you know Winneshiek County allows people to exchange books from the bins at the Freeport recycling center?"

Posted: Wed, Oct 31, 2012 9:40 AM

Judy e-mails Mr. Answer Person: "As I was unloading papers at recycle bins inFreeport yesterday the manager (I think) came out and said the county allowspeople to "exchange" the books from the book bins there--he pointedout that the big empty bin is for putting books you're not interested in so youmay continue to dig down into the bin you're searching through.  What a good thing!"

Mr. Answer Person says: "Here's your answer from Winneshiek County Recycling Department Manager Terry Buenzow: "Yes, it is OK to look through the large box of books and take one you may find interesting if you wish.  I know that for every book someone takes home to read they will more than likely bring back five that they had laying around that they no longer want.

We do not consider this to be scavenging in this case because this system we have for books actually generates many more tons of books into the recycling center in the end. It also helps encourage more direct delivery traffic to the facility, and in a way it all helps promote the reading of books, which obviously is a good thing.

The system is not intended for people to come and take out dozens of books at a time. So far not one has abused this and we have no reason to believe they will as the people of Winneshiek County do not do things like that!"

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