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Letter to the Editor: Help save the North Building at Wellington Place

Posted: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 8:10 PM
By reader Deborah Bishop of Decorah e-mails the following Letter to the Editor:

I learned at our Oneota Film Festival kick off event at the Hotel Winneshiek last night, that the oldest person in the U.S. is 116 and lives in Georgia.  The film makers of "Where the Yellowstone Goes" are now working on a film project concerning "Super" centenarians.

I want to remind the Winneshiek County Supervisors of an event held on November 25, 2007.  It was a curbside candlelight vigil, with a program following at the Senior Center called "Tribute to East Side, Building for the Future."   Some of the objectives of the event were to help define ways that those in the community who mourned the loss of that historic landmark could start to feel better, build good will, and be more proactive in decisionmaking in governmental affairs.

I think this community cannot tolerate another demolition or even deconstruction of our "Super" centenarian buildings.  They need instead some tender, loving, care and intelligent review of options for their continued use.  They like people, deserve to be kept safe from harm, need and deserve respect, and are always useful.  And yes, they like people, cost a lot of money.

I need to also remind the Supervisors of the fact that it was a bunch of nurses who wanted to save the Caretaker's House and passionately believed in its importance.

I hope all who are willing and able will visit the Supervisors at 11:00 AM on Monday October 29 up in the top of the Court House, when they are again talking about the removal of The North Building at the former County Home and Farm.

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