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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Another follow-up to the answer about cleaning up horses**t off Decorah park trails

Posted: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 8:03 PM

Mr. Answer Person has been getting a series of reader e-mails about horse trail, horse riders and horse droppings.  Our latest e-mail comes from Annie, who asks a very interesting question:

Ok, I have been reading the questions and answers about horses on trails and their manure.  So what trails exactly are horses allowed on?  I did a little research and found this quite interesting....that the horses are included in grant funds. Hmm so what trails are they?  If they are not allowed on certain trails, should there be something done about grant monies that was issued for this purpose and now is not? 

Mr. Answer Person responds: It would appear Annie is 100 percent correct.  She told Mr. Answer Person to check a grant application made for Trout Run Trail.  The trail received $95,000 to help "provide multiple benefits and uses, including...hiking, biking, cross country skiing, horseback riding."

Here is the website link Annie found:

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