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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Are horse riders required to clean up horses**t off Decorah park trails?"

Posted: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 7:54 PM

Marie asks Mr. Answer Person: "Are horse riders required to remove the horse, um, droppings their horses leave while riding on the trails in Van Peenen Park?  It's a VERY unpleasant surprise to come upon!"

Mr. Answer Person says: "In a word, 'no.'  There are only certain trails horses are allowed on in Van Peenen Park.  But once they're on those trails, there's no ordinance requiring horse riders to pick up the dung or even to kick it off to the side of the trail.

My source tells me horse riders complained that it is difficult to carry a shovel while riding a horse, so city ordinances have no such requirement.

So keep a sharp eye out while walking on a path you're sharing with horses!

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