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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Why is Winneshiek County Development's website called ''?"

Posted: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 7:49 PM

Kit e-mails: Mr. Answer Person, I am curious as to who, other than incorporated towns in our county, funds Winneshiek County Development Inc. and why (as a entity that is supposed to promote our entire county) did they switch their webpage to  Was there not a better website name possibility (maybe to promote our county instead of just Decorah?  Are they a public or private entity?"

Mr. Answer Person says: The website name was picked for marketing purposes.  Like it or not, "Decorah" has more name recognition among out-of-town people than "Winneshiek" or "Highlandville" or "Frankville" does.  You're right that would be politically more appropriate, but too many people living 300 miles away wouldn't know which county the website was referring to.

As for your other questions about Winneshiek County Development, they are a non-profit organization.  And, yes, they promote business expansion in the entire county.  In fact, they're in the midst of a membership drive now.  You can call them at (563) 382-6061 for information about memberships.

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