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Reader: Changes needed at College Drive/Locust Road intersection

Posted: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 7:47 PM
By reader Darrel Jensen shares some thoughts about a Decorah street intersection:

"I noticed that there was an accident near the College Drive-Locust Road-North Street intersection.  I am sure this is not the first or the last accident at this very busy intersection especially at certain times of the day.  Generally having the four-way stop signs and not having expensive signals has been working very well, however this may need to change with the increased traffic. 

There are a number of things that could be done to help the congestion and save the expense of signal lights. 

1) Many vehicles coming to the Luther campus turn onto North Street as an entrance no matter if they are going to the lower or upper campus area.  These include numerous vehicles coming from the north on College Drive as well as left turning traffic from the south on College Drive.  The college has very nice streets now and vehicles should be entering the campus either at the (new) north college entrance or at Leif Erickson Drive. This would help either eliminate some vehicles and/or speed the movement of vehicles thru the College Drive-Locust Road-North Street intersection. 

2) There is also a considerable amount of traffic coming from and going to Locust Road that uses North Street to get to or from the college or even get to or from the new bridge on the west end of Fifth Avenue.  College traffic coming off Locust Road should be encouraged to turn right at the College Drive-Locust Road intersection and  enter the campus from Leif Erickson Drive or the north college entrance. 

3) If this cannot be done voluntarily, then North Street should be a one-way street, such as west only on Leif Erickson and east only on North Street or vice-versa. This should  be done before the added expense of steet signals. 

4) It seems that a plan like this could help save considerable expense by the city (taxpayers) on the streets and also reduce some unnecessary traffic and maintenance on Dike Road which is maintained by the college.

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