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Ask Mr. Answer Person: An update on the answer about turn signs on Division Street

Posted: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 7:41 PM

Earlier, Mr. Answer Person posted a question about directional signs on Division Street at Short Street: "Jim e-mails Mr. Answer Person: "Which takes precedence: markings on the road or a posted sign? The sign on Division Street at Short shows the left lane is for traffic that's turning left or going straight, but the road is painted to show the right lane traffic goes straight or makes a right turn. Which one is legal?"

Mr. Answer Person said: "After your e-mail got passed along to the City Engineer's Office, a bag was placed over the directional sign on Division Street at Short Street.  Now traffic will know that the right lane is the "right" lane for traffic going straight!"

But now the City Engineer's Office had had a chance to think over their earlier decision--and they are going to change it.  City Engineer Lindsay Erdman tells Mr. Answer Person: "We had considered changing to the painted markings as that will be the configuration at Paine Street, but the two are not really the same issue.  So reviewing this the sign is correct and painting will be adjusted to match the sign the next time we paint."

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