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Ask Mr. (Nordic Fest) Answer Person: Did the flags hang straight during Nordic Fest?

Posted: Fri, Aug 3, 2012 8:19 AM

A surprising number of readers e-mailed to ask whether the flags flown at Nordic Fest hung straight.  Here's one e-mail: "I was wondering just how are the flags that are hung for the Fest looking this year?  In the past there have been issues with the bottoms not hanging properly and not looking respectful to the countries they are flying for.  There have been no photos on, so I wanted to know if the Fest Flags are looking better then they have in the past few years."

Mr. Answer Person says: This year's Nordic Fest flags hung straight.  That's due to Decorah resident Jill Amdahl, who had sewn pockets on the flags after 2010's Nordic Fest.  The pockets allowed plexiglass strips to be inserted so the flags wouldn't twist.  The pockets and the strips did their job again this year, so thanks again to Jill!              

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