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Ask Mr. Winneshiek County Fair Answer Person

Posted: Fri, Aug 3, 2012 8:03 AM

Our readers have questions--questions about the 2012 Winneshiek County Fair.  So we've brought in Mr. Fair Answer Person (his title refers to the Fair, not to the quality of his answers!)

Our first question comes from "Princess," who asks, "Are the fairgrounds smoke free?  We are new to town and it would be nice to know that hopefully carnival workers or other guests will not be blowing second hand smoke in our small children's faces while they wait for rides.  Please tell me this will not be an occurrence."

Mr. Fair Answer Person says: The Winneshiek County Fairgrounds have been smoke-free since 2008, when the Iowa Legislature passed the Iowa Smoke Free Air Act, which banned smoking in "outdoor sports arenas, stadiums, amphitheaters, and in the designated seating areas of outdoor festivals or other outdoor entertainment venues where the public gathers to witness entertainment events."

The Winneshiek County Fair Board voted that year to make the fairgrounds smoke free and the exhibit areas, show barns, grandstand and most area have remained smoke free ever since.

 But you asked about the carnival area specifically and, interestingly, that is an area that is considered an "
outdoor area of employment," and, as such, is NOT covered by the Iowa Smoke Free Air Act--in order words, smoking IS allowed there.

Dale asks, "Are Evans United Shows back at the fairgrounds again this year--I didn't see their name mentioned."

Mr. Fair Answer Person says: Yes, they are.  And the Evans United Shows has won high praise from the Fair Board for the quality of the carnival they bring to the fair each year.

Ariel asks, "Does the carnival company do background checks on its worker to verify they are safe to be working with children?"

Mr. Answer Person recognizes that the reputation of carnival workers is just slightly better than that of news reporters.  But there's no need to fear--Evans United screens all its employees.  And, as already stated, the Winneshiek County Fair Board has said in the past it has complete faith in the quality of Evans United Shows and always makes a point of hiring that compnay because of the way it operates.

So enjoy the fairgrounds!

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