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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Is the 'yellow building' at Wellington Place really yellow?"

Posted: Fri, Aug 3, 2012 7:47 AM

(Editor's note: Our news story about the "yellow building" at Wellington Place has prompted an e-mail from Kevin, who questions the label given to the building by Winneshiek County officials:

"The County Farm Building is not yellow--it is peach. It is a peach of a building, I think.
The colorant is not paint--it is in the stucco. The sand in the mix gives it color and is said to be from Freeport in a geologic horizon of St. Peters sand, resulting in the fine durable covering.  Depending on how the sunlight refracts on it various hues of PEACH are seen, sometime looking a bit on the yellow side."

Mr. Answer Person says: "I think the best solution is to post this picture of the North Building at Wellington Place and let readers get out their own Pantone guides.

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