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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Was it allowed to burn materials from the Caretaker's House?

Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 3:27 PM

Jan e-mails: Mr. Answer Man:  Burning is not allowed in town.  How about out at the County Home by Freeport?  The supposed 'green deconstructionists' removing the Caretaker's House have had a fire burning up materials on many days.  Is that how they are getting around not having anymore than one load going to the landfill as they told the supervisors that they would do? "
It is NOT against the law to burn material in the rural portions of Winneshiek County.  You do not have to get a burning permit.  Your only responsibility is that you might receive a bill from firefighters if they have to respond to a fire that gets out of hand and they feel you were grossly negligent.  Otherwise, rural Winneshiek County residents are free to burn as they wish.

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