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Mr. Answer Person gets an e-mail about "Customer Parking"

Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 3:13 PM

John writes to Mr. Answer Person:  "I have long held the opinion that it is a waste of money and effort to paint parking lines on Water Street and adjacent streets downtown, since many people don't seem to see them, or have enough courtesy to care about parking in only one space.

On Wednesday evening about 6:00, that opinion was firmly solidified when I observed an Iowa State Patrol squad car parked in the 300 block of West Water, blindly occupying two parking spaces in a block already completely full of vehicles.  I will have to give the patrolman (or woman) credit however:  the front half and the back half of the vehicle were evenly divided over the parking line.
Thank you for setting a good example for the rest of us."

Mr. Answer Person says: "Thank you for the amusing story--I have no doubt that it is true.

However, I see your story as a good reminder to people that the markings are there for a reason--to allow as many people as possible to use the parking spaces downtown.  It is true that not everyone obeys the messages.  On the other hand, I have seen people drive through stop signs--and we don't take that as proof we should take down stop signs."

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