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Idea of restrooms or portapotties at Wold Park is a popular one

Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 11:35 AM

(Last week, reader Ron Lysne suggested: "It would be nice to have restrooms at the Wold Park for people who use the bike trail and the park. If not permanent ones, maybe portables ones from the first of April through the end of October."  He then asked whether anyone agreed with his suggestion.  It would appear the entire town does:

--Mark e-mails: "In case you haven't already had a hundred positive responses to that suggestion, I've thought that exact same thing. The bike trail is fantastic, great for locals and visitors alike, but people with young kids always run into trouble on it since there aren't many places with bathrooms along it. It would be good to have some porta-potties at a minimum for people. Maybe in the future the city could put a permanent one there."

--Dave e-mails: "I agree with Ron.  It is a very long way from Wold Park to the nearest public facilities."

--Dale e-mails: "I totally agree with Ron Lysne about the restroom facility (or rather the lack of) at Wold Park. Certainly they can put in portables, They're spending a lot of money on bike trails, don't make them use the weeds or trees! Also how about Bowstring Bridge park?"

--Ted e-mails: Porta-Potties is the way to go for Wold Park."

--Nori added a suggestion in her e-mail: "I absolutely agree with Mr. Lysne's suggestion to put in restrooms at Wold Park.  It would also be fantastic to have a drinking fountain there."

--B.D., while supporting the idea, wondered about the cost: "Let's start having the bicyclers pay for some of their amenities…   How about a significant bicycle license fee?"

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