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Ask Mr. Answer Person about the new camera at the Highway 9 & Trout Run Road intersection

Posted: Mon, Dec 5, 2011 8:15 AM

Ron e-mails Mr. Answer Person: "What is the purpose of the camera recently installed on the signal lights at the highway 9 and trout run road intersection?"

Mr. Answer Person replies: "You know those red light cameras that have been so controversial in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque and other Iowa cities?  Well, this isn't one of them!

The camera was installed at the request of City of Decorah officials because they discovered problems with some of the pavement sensors at the intersection.  You know the sensors I'm talking about—the ones that show there is traffic in a certain lane, triggering the traffic control system to change the lights.

It appears those sensors weren't always working the right way.  So the camera pointing east towards traffic coming down the hill from Waukon on Highway 9 is meant to make sure traffic can turn when it needs to turn.

Mr. Answer Person would point out that just because the camera is not a red light traffic camera doesn't give you the right to drive through a red light!

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