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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "What is the history of the building near the Hog Barn?"

Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2011 3:29 PM

Ellen e-mails Mr. Answer Person following her recent run through Twin Springs Park: "As one travels down Twin Springs Road, past the remnants of the old "Hog Barn," there is a building on the north side that appears to be a former restroom/shower facility.  What is the history related to that building?  Does Park and Rec or Decorah Campground own the building?  Are there any thoughts about restoration or re-opening the facility, perhaps for picnickers, bicyclists, etc?  Or, would such a building pose problems related to vandalism?"

The building you're asking about is actually owned by the State of Iowa, but maintained by Decorah Park/Rec under a contract with the state.  The maintenance consists largely of mowing the grass around the building.  There are no plans at present to use the building, since it was just a pit toilet facility when in was in operation.  Showers were never part of the building.  It would be expensive to install showers—and the out-of-the-way location would mean it wouldn't get used much and might be a target for vandalism, as you suggest.

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