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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Want to stop those political "robo-calls"?

Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2011 3:26 PM

Numerous Decorah area residents received phone calls Thursday evening on their cell phones from someone identifying himself as "Robert."  The call invited people to send a text message in order to win a shirt and a free bus ride to the Iowa Republican Party's straw poll Saturday in Ames.

A reader e-mailed: "I want to help Iowans figure out how to get their cell phones off political call lists if possible."

Mr. Answer Person says: Unfortunately, calls from political organizations (the phone calls were apparently from the Ron Paul campaign) are not covered by the Do Not Call Registry.

Says the Federal Trade Commission, "Political solicitations are not covered by the TSR at all, since they are not included in its definition of "telemarketing."

However, if you're interested in blocking other telemarketing phone calls, the website for the Do Not Call Registry is


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