TOP STORY: Could it be that Spring is arriving?
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  11:37 AM
[Full Story]
Raptor Resource Project crews have been searching for the male bald eagle at the Decorah Nest
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  11:44 AM
The bird has been missing since Wednesday [Full Story]
Mr. (Electric) Answer Person: Still more electric utility questions
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  4:48 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Decorah's power is not about electricity, rather—people (and this includes Luther students)"
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  5:26 PM
--by Jodi Enos-Berlage of Ridgeway [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: A response to Mike Wagner of Alliant Energy
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  5:21 PM
--by Warren McKenna from Farmers Electric Cooperative of Kalona [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Stop the senseless partisanship and vote 'Yes'"
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  5:17 PM
--by Jono Ruf, formerly of Decorah [Full Story]
Five points in favor of a municipal electric utility
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  5:14 PM
--by Dan and Ann Mansfield of Decorah [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "We plan for the conversation about a municipal electric utility to continue"
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  5:11 PM
--by Lawrence and Millie Jensen of Decorah [Full Story]
County supervisors face a quiet agenda Monday
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  11:30 AM
[Full Story]
Medical Assistant program at NICC Calmar earns accreditation
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  11:16 AM
[Full Story]
Vintage hand tools and implements the topic of Monday night's genealogy meeting
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  11:12 AM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek Medical Center volunteers recognized
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  11:20 AM
[Full Story]
Nature walk is on tap Monday for Decorah after-school program
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  10:54 AM
[Full Story]
Calmar & Spillville libraries are hosting an author speech on Prohibition in Iowa Monday night at the Inwood
Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2018  11:04 AM
[Full Story]

Recent News

Firefighters called out in Ossian
Posted: Fri, Apr 20, 2018  4:19 PM
[Full Story]
New solar energy farm is coming to Decorah
Posted: Fri, Apr 20, 2018  10:52 AM
[Full Story]
How much a difference would a price decrease or increase make in your monthly electric bill?
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  12:52 PM
A federal government website can help you make that calculation [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: Why the "Hatch Act" may be relevant to the May 1st referendum
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  2:20 PM
--by Dale B. Olson of Decorah [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "We must still be a community working together for the future of Decorah"
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  4:38 PM
--by David Carlson of Decorah [Full Story]
Ask Mr. (Electric) Answer Man: "What would be the status of the City of Decorah's franchise agreement with Alliant Energy if the 'Vote Yes' side wins in the May 1st referendum?"
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  9:17 AM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Five Reasons to vote 'Yes'"
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  9:23 AM
[Full Story]
John Cline students enjoy wellness class with the owners of Rubaiyat
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  4:59 PM
[Full Story]
Progress is being made on the reconstruction of Dug Road Trail
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  11:29 AM
[Full Story]
Register now for the "Red Hot Bucket of Color in your Face Stop, Drop & Roll Run"
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  11:08 AM
[Full Story]
City council decides a merger of city and county law enforcement recordkeeping is not practical
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  10:28 AM
[Full Story]
Early morning traffic accident causes $2,500 of damage
Posted: Thu, Apr 19, 2018  9:35 AM
[Full Story]
The "Luther College students shouldn't vote May 1st" controversy
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  10:56 AM
--an analysis by's Paul Scott [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "All Luther students should participate in the May 1st referendum"
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  10:49 AM
--by Luther Chips writer and Luther student Forrest Stewart [Full Story]
Supporters of "Vote Yes" May 1st release an on-line video
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  4:40 PM
[Full Story]
The North Winn Road repaving project could begin ahead of schedule
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  10:01 AM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "We are voting to give the Iowa Utility Board an opportunity to review this case."
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  10:10 AM
--By Lynne Zotalis of Decorah [Full Story]
Decorah HS's "Physics Olympics Team" wins the Iowa Physics Competition
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  9:39 AM
[Full Story]
Two Decorah HS Envirothon teams do well at State, but miss qualifying for the International Competition
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  5:20 PM
[Full Story]
Luther professor's meteorological research on Upper Iowa River Watershed rainfall has been published
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  10:26 AM
[Full Story]
Photo of the day: We're not the only ones who are not crazy about getting a snowstorm!
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  9:36 AM
[Full Story]
New Minowa Players scholarships are available now
Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018  10:18 AM
[Full Story]
Decorah Middle School music teacher Dean Beckman marks his 30th 6th grade operetta in Decorah
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  11:59 AM
[Full Story]
Lots of discussion at a meeting of Decorah City Council, Decorah Park Board, Decorah Planning and Zoning Commission and Decorah School Board members about the proposed new elementary school
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  5:59 PM
[Full Story]
Hold onto your hats (and boots and coats and mittens) Here comes another snowstorm!
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  7:54 AM
[Full Story]
Ask Mr. Answer Person: One more bridge closing question
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  5:48 PM
[Full Story]
Luther College officials continue to discuss diversity and inclusion in the wake of March's hate incident
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  3:08 PM
[Full Story]
Alliant Energy representatives speak to the Decorah Rotary Club Tuesday about "Vote No"
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  3:26 PM
[Full Story]
How do we protect our kids from the dangers of technology? "Mobile Mamma" has suggestions
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  12:25 PM
[Full Story]
Get ready for another special referendum--NICC is seeking an extension of its existing bond levy
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  8:37 AM
[Full Story]
Two-vehicle accident causes $33,300 of damage
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  10:20 AM
[Full Story]
Yes, this April has been record-setting in Decorah!
Posted: Tue, Apr 17, 2018  8:05 AM
[Full Story]
Decorah Human Rights Commission asks that Pride Flags be put up along Water Street during next month's Pride Fest in town
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  7:33 PM
[Full Story]
City council approves the first reading of an ordinance to increase water and sewer rates
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  7:27 PM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek County is busy with bridge repair and replacement projects
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  11:27 AM
[Full Story]
City's sustainability plan will be revised by an ad hoc committee
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  7:18 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Keep our local Alliant crews"
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  4:24 PM
--by Marlene Sorenson of Decorah [Full Story]
Democratic Candidate for Governor Dr. Andy McGuire visits Decorah
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  12:16 PM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek County law enforcement hosting a drug drop off event
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  12:19 PM
[Full Story]
Decorah man arrested for OWI
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  9:00 AM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: Decorah businesses are looking out for their own commercial interests
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  10:30 AM
--by Bob Puffer of Decorah [Full Story]
Volunteers needed for 14th annual Mississippi River Clean Up Day on Saturday
Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2018  10:23 AM
[Full Story]
Ask Mr. Answer Person: "What impact would buying Alliant Energy's facilities have on the City of Decorah's bonding capacity?"
Posted: Sun, Apr 15, 2018  1:51 PM
[Full Story]
Trout stocking in NE Iowa streams is now underway--will run through October
Posted: Sun, Apr 15, 2018  1:45 PM
--by's Becky Vande Lune [Full Story]
What happened to the DEA (Decorah Education Association) salary and benefit negotiations this year?
Posted: Sat, Apr 14, 2018  9:44 AM
--by's Bob Felde [Full Story]
A closer look at the new Decorah HS schedule
Posted: Thu, Apr 12, 2018  11:30 AM
--by's Sara Peterson [Full Story]
Ask Mr. Answer Person: Questions about a recent Alliant Energy mailing
Posted: Sat, Apr 14, 2018  3:55 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Let's establish a new local business"
Posted: Sat, Apr 14, 2018  3:39 PM
--by Tabita Green of Decorah [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "If you want to know the truth about the claims that Alliant has been making, vote YES to give the IUB the chance to investigate"
Posted: Sat, Apr 14, 2018  3:48 PM
--by Carly Hayden Foster of Decorah [Full Story]
NICC recognized for its soil conservation projects
Posted: Sat, Apr 14, 2018  3:27 PM
[Full Story]
UPDATED: Letter to the Editor: "Move Out, Middleman!"
Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018  11:22 AM
--by Warren McKenna of Kalona [Full Story]
Traffic accident damages the Kendallville Bridge
Posted: Fri, Apr 13, 2018  9:19 AM
[Full Story]
Postville man faces a new charge for his actions inside the Winneshiek County Jail
Posted: Fri, Apr 13, 2018  9:15 AM
[Full Story]
Will future special elections in Iowa be held on just one day each year?
Posted: Thu, Apr 12, 2018  5:00 PM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek County Fair Board accepting applications for Queen and Princess
Posted: Thu, Apr 12, 2018  4:50 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the editor: "$50 Million is Fear, Not Reality"
Posted: Thu, Apr 12, 2018  4:45 PM
[Full Story]
Alliant Energy says it will pass along to its customers the savings it is getting from the 2018 federal tax cut bill
Posted: Thu, Apr 12, 2018  1:05 PM
[Full Story]
Two more Winneshiek County bridges have been closed immediately
Posted: Thu, Apr 12, 2018  12:18 PM
[Full Story]
First on County study shows over 700 Decorah Alliant customers live outside the city limits
Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018  3:39 PM
[Full Story]
Yes, there were six companies signing the letter to Decorah City Council members about electric utilities
Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018  3:05 PM
[Full Story]
South Pine brook trout are surviving and thriving in Iowa DNR's reintroduction program
Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018  9:15 AM
[Full Story]
Inwood Ballroom hosting Prom Night for persons with disabilities
Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018  11:09 AM
[Full Story]
Art exhibit by seven Luther College alumni artists opens Thursday
Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018  9:57 AM
[Full Story]
15 Decorah Middle School students qualify for state NHD competition
Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018  9:38 AM
[Full Story]
Why "property tax backfill" is something important to the Decorah School District
Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018  11:14 AM
--by's Sara Peterson [Full Story]
Finally, "Ask Mr. (Electricity) Answer Person" gets some easy questions!
Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018  2:03 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Vote 'No' and nip this thing in the bud"
Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018  2:32 PM
--by Dennis Ohlert of Decorah [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Alliant Energy is not the enemy!"
Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018  2:22 PM
--by Clair Askelson of Decorah [Full Story]
Prairie burns on the Decorah City Prairie will take place soon
Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018  11:44 AM
[Full Story]
Decorah School Board approves issuing contracts for 2018-2019
Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018  8:59 PM
[Full Story]
100+ Women Who Care--Oneota Valley Chapter raises $7,505 for the Humane Society
Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018  9:21 AM
[Full Story]
Six Decorah businesses have signed a letter in opposition to a Decorah municipal electric utility
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  8:54 AM
[Full Story]
Schedule changes are in store for Decorah High School next year
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  8:59 PM
[Full Story]
Lights approved for the Decorah High School soccer field
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  8:36 PM
[Full Story]
Decorah School Board approves budget for 2018-19
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  8:27 PM
Tax rate drops again [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: An energy question and answer quiz
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  8:44 AM
--by Dave Ohlert of Decorah [Full Story]
Fort Atkinson and Spillville are now interested in talking to the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office about additional police coverage
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  2:09 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "The logical option is to vote 'no'"
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  2:54 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: Build the new elementary school on the east end of Water Street
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  2:51 PM
--by Dale Johnson of Decorah [Full Story]
County officials are getting ready for more emergency drills
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  2:02 PM
[Full Story]
Old Creamery Theatre honors six Decorah and North Winn students
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  11:38 AM
[Full Story]
Photo Exhibit opens at Luther Tuesday
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  10:53 AM
[Full Story]
Woman arrested for shoplifting at Wal-Mart
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  10:31 AM
[Full Story]
Cresco man transported to Winneshiek County Jail
Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018  9:28 AM
[Full Story]
Should Decorah City Council members have "Vote Yes" signs in their yards?
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  7:52 AM
[Full Story]
Luther College Dance Marathon raises over $67,000
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  2:41 PM
[Full Story]
RAYGUN t-shirts and koozies now available in downtown Decorah
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  12:52 PM
[Full Story]
New transit program will help Thursday evening Decorah shoppers
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  2:47 PM
[Full Story]
Sheriff Dan Marx: "The opioid crisis in the country is continuing to get worse."
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  2:34 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: Facts and logic favor a yes vote May 1st
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  2:29 PM
--by Bob Haug of Ames, the retired director of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Do not let Alliant censor our local citizens"
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  2:26 PM
--by Maggie Hayden of Decorah [Full Story]
County roadside management program is getting up to full speed
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  2:10 PM
[Full Story]
The Decorah Public Library is observing National Library Week
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  2:01 PM
[Full Story]
Luther College's Preus Library will hold its annual National Library Week Book Sale starting Monday
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  1:58 PM
[Full Story]
Auditions for New Minowa Players' summar musical will be on Saturday
Posted: Sun, Apr 8, 2018  1:40 PM
[Full Story]
Castalia woman jailed in Fayette County--after visiting the jail
Posted: Fri, Apr 6, 2018  12:05 PM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek Medical Center named Top 100 Critical Access Hospital in US for sixth time
Posted: Thu, Apr 5, 2018  4:25 PM
[Full Story]
Team Rehab becomes "Gundersen Decorah Rehab Services"
Posted: Thu, Apr 5, 2018  9:06 AM
[Full Story]
Ridgeway man arrested for exploitation of a minor
Posted: Thu, Apr 5, 2018  8:37 AM
[Full Story]
Schedule announced for informational meetings about the May 1st referendum
Posted: Thu, Apr 5, 2018  4:34 PM
[Full Story]
Bergan votes "no" on immigration bill
Posted: Fri, Apr 6, 2018  12:11 PM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek Medical Center staff gets training in responding to emergencies
Posted: Thu, Apr 5, 2018  4:21 PM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "We have 'a whisper of opportunity' to make (the Decorah Prairie) our sixth museum and heritage site in Winneshiek County"
Posted: Thu, Apr 5, 2018  11:51 AM
--by Jeri Osenga of Decorah [Full Story]
Winneshiek Medical Center was in the red in February
Posted: Thu, Apr 5, 2018  8:16 AM
[Full Story]
Is the NewGen feasibility study "the City of Decorah's?"
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  2:31 PM
[Full Story]
Demolition and construction are underway at Viking State Bank's downtown Decorah office
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  2:44 PM
[Full Story]
Luther College Book Shop is celebrating 80 years in operation
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  4:25 PM
[Full Story]
Two new officers have been hired by the Decorah Police Department
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  4:00 PM
[Full Story]
Ask Mr. Answer Person: "What's new with the proposed Menard's store in Decorah?"
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  4:11 PM
[Full Story]
EARL Public Transit offering new "cultural connection shuttle"
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  3:53 PM
[Full Story]
Dorchester man in custody for drug charges
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  8:55 AM
[Full Story]
Registration is now open for Discovery Camps
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  9:20 AM
[Full Story]
Deadline is approaching for Trees Forever boulevard trees
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  3:02 PM
[Full Story]
Aase Haugen and Wellington Place recognized by national group
Posted: Wed, Apr 4, 2018  8:43 AM
[Full Story]
UNI President tells a Decorah audience he's worried about the impact of higher tariffs on the state's budget
Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2018  1:54 PM
[Full Story]
UNI is having success bringing down student debt
Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2018  2:10 PM
[Full Story]
March was warmer and drier than average in Decorah
Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2018  9:24 AM
[Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "I want what is best for this community, which is why I'm voting 'no.'"
Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2018  5:18 PM
--by Sue Sander of Decorah [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor: "Let the Decorah City Council proceed with an application to become a Municipal Utility"
Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2018  5:13 PM
--by Kevin Sand of Decorah [Full Story]
Water and sewer rate increase seems likely in Decorah
Posted: Tue, Apr 3, 2018  8:15 AM
[Full Story]
West Union man arrested
Posted: Mon, Apr 2, 2018  10:38 AM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office makes four DUI arrests
Posted: Mon, Apr 2, 2018  10:11 AM
[Full Story]
Art exhibit opens at Luther
Posted: Mon, Apr 2, 2018  9:27 AM
[Full Story]
Free grief support group sessions offered at Winneshiek Medical Center
Posted: Mon, Apr 2, 2018  9:25 AM
[Full Story]
"Welcome to the world, D29"
Posted: Mon, Apr 2, 2018  8:50 AM
[Full Story]
Ted Koppel to speak at Luther College
Posted: Sun, Apr 1, 2018  1:13 PM
[Full Story]
Northeast Iowa trout stream stocking begins Monday
Posted: Sun, Apr 1, 2018  1:03 PM
[Full Story]
Winneshiek County Highway A-46 to be closed for four months
Posted: Sun, Apr 1, 2018  1:01 PM
[Full Story]
Bridge work begins Monday on 230th St.
Posted: Sun, Apr 1, 2018  12:57 PM
[Full Story]
Ask Mr. (Electric) Answer Person: Will Decorah MiEnergy patrons be able to vote on May 1?
Posted: Sun, Apr 1, 2018  12:54 PM
[Full Story]
"Grandparenting 101" class offered by Winneshiek Medical Center
Posted: Sun, Apr 1, 2018  12:48 PM
[Full Story]