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Gundersen Clinic Decorah is reducing its electricity usage by 30 percent

Posted: Thu, Jan 23, 2020 2:52 PM
Solar panels installed at Gundersen Clinic Decorah

Two projects at Gundersen Decorah Clinic are helping to reduce the clinic's electrical consumption.

Gundersen Decorah has replaced all the fluorescent lighting fixtures throughout the clinic with integrated LED fixtures which will reduce energy required per fixture by 50 percent.

In addition, Gundersen Decorah is installing 140 solar panels on their clinic roof, which will provide 55 kW of electricity.

"Medical buildings traditionally consume a lot of electricity. Between the lights, computers and medical equipment, healthcare organizations have traditionally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on electrical bills," says operations specialist Emma Westphal.  Westphal works for Gundersen Envision, a subsidiary of Gundersen Health System.

"Gundersen Decorah is one of our larger clinic buildings in our health system, so making improvements to this building will not only reduce our electrical bills, but the electricity we do use will be much cleaner," says Westphal.

The combination of the two projects will reduce the clinic's electrical consumption by 30 percent.