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Kayla Koether, Mike Bergan separated by 8 votes out of nearly 14,000 votes cast

Posted: Tue, Nov 6, 2018 11:01 PM

A recount will be held in the Iowa House of Representatives District 55 election after incumbent Republican Michael Bergan beat Democratic challenger Kayla Koether by 8 votes out of nearly 14,000 votes cost.

Koether won in Winneshiek County, 4,686 to 4,096.  However, Bergan made up the difference in Fayette County, winning 2,224 to 1,642, while also winning in Clayton County, 582 to 566.  That gave Bergan the victory, 6,902 votes to 6,894 votes for Koether. But since the vote totals were so close, a recount will be triggered automatically.