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first on Alliant Energy has spent $105,000 on the May 1st referendum

Posted: Thu, Apr 26, 2018 4:27 PM

The two sides in the May 1st referendum on whether Decorah should investigate having a municipal electric utility have filed campaign financing disclosure reports, as required by Iowa law five days before an election.

The reports--obtained by "Committee for Decorah's Energy Future" has received all of its funding from Alliant Energy, with no other sources of income.  The report by the group supporting a "No" vote next Tuesday shows 19 "in-kind contributions" to the committee with a total value of $105,233.32.

"Citizens for Decorah Power," the group supporting at "Yes" vote next Tuesday, has received a $20,000 loan from the Decorah Power group and has brought in $18,718 in donations, half from a fundraising auction and the other half in direct donations.

Both groups have spent their money on the basics of election campaigns--yard signs, advertising, printing and postage costs.  Citizens for Decorah Power has spent $22,771.52, while Committee for Decorah's Energy Future has spent $105,233.32.

Both reports can be read at: