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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Is there a schedule for regular maintenance of the alleyways in Decorah?"

Posted: Wed, Jun 15, 2016 11:15 AM

Andrea emails: "Would you possibly know if there is a schedule for regular maintenance of the alleyways in Decorah? One of these days my truck is going to disappear down one of the many deep potholes in our alley. We have heard rumors that there are future plans to actually pave the alleys. Any truth to those rumors?"

Mr. Answer Person says, "Maintenance all depends on what kind of alley it is; paved or dirt. Dirt alleys are touched up by crews after the winter months and will be looked over by the Street Department at the request/complaint of residents. Two to three of the paved alleys in Decorah will be given maintenance each year, but, like most things, the extent of the maintenance is controlled by the city's budget. The paved alleys that receive maintenance are given priority by the Street Department, which is often influenced by the amount of resident complaints. A full schedule for street maintenance is available from the Street Department."