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Iowa Supreme Court suspends the license of a Decorah attorney

Posted: Wed, Sep 26, 2012 7:18 PM

The Iowa Supreme Court has suspended Decorah resident David Strand's license to practice law.

On April 19th, June 7th and June 15th of this year an auditor employed by the client security commission requested that Strand turn over certain records to complete an audit of the lawyer's trust account.

Strand did not respond to those requests.  He tells that his reason for failing to respond to the auditor's requests is that he was in the process of deciding that he no longer wanted to be an attorney.

When the client security commission did not hear from Strand, it issued a notice on August 10th that Strand's license to practice law would be suspended unless he provided the records or asked for a hearing to show cause why his law license should not be suspended.

The Iowa Supreme Court did not hear back from Strand, so on September 20th it suspended Strand's law license.

Strand tells he is in the process of switching careers and will not contest the Iowa Supreme Court's ruling.