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Ask Mr. Answer Person: An added note about Google Maps

Posted: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 9:17 PM

(On Monday, Mr. Answer Person discussed an e-mail from John, which said: n: "On Google Maps and in the Dex phone book, the map for Decorah shows a 'Campsite Park' where the high school athletic fields are, and 'Siewers Spring State Park' at the state fish hatchery."  When John asked why Google Maps would show parks that no longer exist, Mr. Answer Person said: "One county official offered an intriguing possibility--that map makers sometimes add a community to their map to differentiate their map from other maps--thus protecting their copyright."  Now comes an e-mail from a different county official--County IT Director Jon Lubke:

"You might want your readers to know that Google now solicits map updates from users through Google Map Maker.  I looked up the two parks and someone has already asked for them to be removed.