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Ice Cave Road might be the City of Decorah's next big road project

Posted: Mon, Feb 27, 2012 4:31 PM

Decorah City Engineer Lindsay Erdman says large road projects "tend to overwhelm" the City of Decorah's annual road paving program.  So he's trying to schedule the larger road repaving projects over the next several years.

Erdman says after Short Street is repaved, the next major road project should be Ice Cave Road.  That's because the road is built on a hillside, which has caused some problems in the past.

Erdman says he would like to get Ice Cave Road repaved from College Drive all the way to the city limits.

The road sometimes carries heavy truck traffic.  It also is popular with pedestrians at some times of the year.  But the biggest consideration, says Erdman, is that something needs to be done to Ice Cave Road now--before erosion causes much more serious problems.