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Renovations and construction continues at Decorah High School

Posted: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 10:02 PM
gym set for May 1

School Board members and administrators toured the ongoing work on renovation and new construction at Decorah High School on Monday afternoon and then got updates from Stuxture Architects at the School Board meeting. Things seem on track, with the assurance, once again, that the new gymnasium will be completed before scheduled graduation activities in the gym this May. It is actually scheduled for completion, along with new boys and girls locker rooms, by May 1.

Other highlights and updates include:

Wood Shop is scheduled for completion by March 1.
The front office area and access drive at the front on the building will be completed by   August.
Demolition of some of the existing locker rooms will begin soon.
Fitness area and new cafeteria/multipurpose area (old gym) should be completed by next   November
Work will begin on Metals Shop and greenhouse this summer.
All classroom renovations on first and second floor will be completed by this fall.
"Change orders" for the construction seem to be consistent with what is typically predicted for a project of this scope, but the architects warn that as the project moves on into some older areas that there could always be surprises.
Final completion of all projects is scheduled for August, 2013

There will be one more winter for staff to "cross their fingers" and hope that one of the old boilers will continue to heat the school. But the good news is that with all the current work and "wrapping" of the building, there has already been substantial reduction in heating needs.

Board tours new wood shop
District Shop nears completion
Front office area progressing
Entrance to ICN room off new front lobby