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New routes and dates being considered for ciclovia event

Posted: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 8:18 PM

A proposal to close streets in Decorah this summer--termed a "ciclovia"--is drawing suggestions from Decorah retailers for several changes.

The original proposal presented last week by Decorah resident David Paquette and others called for the closing of Water Street on Saturday, May 12th.  Decorah retailers are suggesting the event be held on a Sunday instead--and at a location other than Water Street.

Ciclovia enthusiasts presented three other possible event routes at a city council committee meeting Monday night.  Paquette said the concerns raised were "valid," so his group is looking to iron out the details so everyone supports the concept.

The event would encourage walking, bike riding and other forms of exercise.  Members of the Economic Development and Community Betterment Committee see the event as fitting in with recent efforts to make Decorah a "Blue Zone" community, encouraging healthy behaviors.

City officials are also studying a request that the city become the fiscal agent for the event--a designation that would allow donations to the ciclovia to be tax-deductible.